I never tire of making people happy by cooking them something good to eat. I am honored when clients choose my food for their families and themselves. 


We’ll start with a conversation about what you like to eat – and what you don’t. If you love seafood or greens, I’ll know this from the start. And, if you hate something, you can count on not seeing it. I’ll also learn about any special diets you follow and your dietary restrictions. So, if you’re trying to eat more whole grains, are on a particular diet, or want to avoid certain foods, I can help you do this and make doing so delicious. 

On days I prepare meals for you, I’ll shop for the freshest ingredients and cook everything in the safety of your own kitchen using my equipment. I’ll leave everything spotless; you’ll barely know I was there, but your refrigerator/freezer will be filled with meals to enjoy. Each meal will include clear instructions for reheating. 


A key aspect of my service is that it is tailor-made for you. I’ve listed my standard packages below but, after we discuss your needs, I am happy to customize a package for you. For example, you may want to enjoy your meals over a longer period of time – I can make appropriate dishes and pack them for freezing. Some weeks, you may want me to prepare larger amounts or special items to share with friends or neighbors – I’m happy to accommodate these requests and package your meals in the most convenient way. That’s what this service is all about!

All packages below start with a service fee of $300. Add to this the cost of fresh and specialty ingredients (staples, such as flour and spices, are included in my fee). My service fee also includes:

  • Initial consultation to learn your preferences and dietary requirements
  • Recipe-development and menu planning
  • Same-day grocery shopping for the best and freshest ingredients (produce, meat, dairy, and specialty items) 
  • Travel to your home
  • Cooking your meal (usually 4-6 hours depending on the menu)
  • Packing, labeling, and storage of meals with detailed heating instructions
  • A spotless kitchen and a refrigerator/freezer full of delicious meals.


5 x 4 Package

5 entrees, each with a side dish x 4 portions = 20 servings/meals
Great for a family of 4 for one week, a couple for two weeks, or an individual for a month

5 x 3 Package

5 entrees, each with a side dish x 3 portions = 15 servings/meals
Ideal for a family of three for one week or a couple who likes a bit leftover

5 x 2 Package

5 entrees, each with a side dish x 2 portions = 10 servings/meals
Perfect for individuals or couples; this package also makes a great one-time gift for new parents or someone recovering from an illness or injury.

4 x 4 Package

4 entrees, each with a side dish x 4 portions = 16 servings/meals
Great for a busy family that might eat out or have take-in a couple of nights a week, but that wants dependably tasty and healthy food most nights

3 x 4 Package

3 entrees, each with a side dish x 4 portions = 12 servings/meals
Similar to the preceding package, but fewer meals make it better suited for a couple or individual

Need a little more?

Have a large family? Expecting company? Or maybe you enjoy leftovers for lunch the next day? Additional portions of any meal are available for $10 for up to 12 portions. 

Each entrée comes with one side dish. An additional side -- a vegetable, starch, or salad is available for $30 plus the cost of ingredients. 

Order soup to take your meal to the next level or for a very satisfying lunch. Like everything else, all my soups are made from scratch (no bouillon cubes!). A quart of soup (about 4 portions) is $20 (plus the cost of ingredients).

I am known for my desserts – my brownies are my most-requested add-on! You may select a dessert from my menu or I can prepare something to compliment your selected menu. Desserts contain 4-10 servings and are priced at $20 plus the cost of ingredients.


Container Fee: During our initial conversation, we’ll select the best storage containers for your needs. For continuing customers, I typically recommend square or rectangular Pyrex-style glass containers. These maximize refrigerator/freezer space, don’t need to thaw to go from freezer to oven, and are dishwasher-safe. For this style of container, one-time fees average $150 to $200 and are yours to keep. For those trying out my service or one-time clients, I’ll use environmentally-friendly semi-reusable/disposable containers. The one-time fee for this averages $15-20. 

A modest, additional fee may be charged if I need to travel more than 25 miles (one-way) from my home base in Arlington.

*All prices are estimates. A final quote will be provided following the initial consultation. 

Gift certificates

Surprise someone, say congratulations or thank you with a home-cooked meal. This is an ideal gift for new parents, anyone recovering from an illness or injury, and that friend or relative who has everything but the time to cook. Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount above $350 ($300 service fee + $50 worth of food) and redeemable up to one year from purchase.