I am happiest at the farmer’s market, in the kitchen, or on a picnic.  I am always searching for the best ingredients and new ways to use them.  I also love rediscovering old favorites as the seasons change: pink rhubarb in the spring or perfect tomatoes in summertime. For me, nothing tops finding great food and turning it into a wonderful meal. 

I grew up in Arlington and am fortunate to have lived all over the world and cooked for and with all kinds of people. Most recently, I lived in Berlin, Germany where I ran my own personal chef and catering business before working as the private chef to the United States Ambassador to Germany. I received a professional culinary degree from the famed School of Hospitality and Restauranting in Barcelona, Spain and worked in several restaurants there. I moved to Barcelona from New York City where I received a Masters degree in Food Studies from New York University while I worked as the cookbook editor for Hippocrene Books. I began my professional culinary career at 16 working Saturday nights for Chef Susan McCreight-Lindeborg at Washington’s Morrison-Clark Inn and later at the Majestic Cafe. After almost a decade in Europe, I live in Arlington again with my husband and son.